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Bellarine Celebrant


 As a celebrant in Bellarinei can't ensure the weather, and you need to supply your own friends and family, but I can help you find a venue that suits your needs and, most importantly, give you a ceremony that is just what you want it to be.

The celebration we prepare together will be special to you.  It may be traditional and quite formal, or more casual and informal; it may be large or small; you may have clear ideas worked out, or you may want some help to decide - whatever your needs I will work with you to make your wedding personal.
I service the Bellarine area, with its many stunning venues for both formal and informal weddings. I am a celebrant that does not mind traveling and can also travel if you wish your ceremony to be in oher areas outside of Bellarine.
I can help make all your ceremonies in Bellarine special. These include-naming ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, renewal of vows, funerals, or any other occasion that you wish to commemorate.


Jan Paradise - Bellarine Celebrant

Call:  03 5251 2234