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The celebration we prepare together will be special to you.  It may be traditional and quite formal, or more casual and informal; it may be large or small; you may have clear ideas worked out, or you may want some help to decide - whatever your needs I will work with you to make your wedding personal.

About the Celebrant

I am an experienced celebrant who has conducted ceremonies of all types for many satisfied couples. These include-

  • older  and younger couples

  • same sex weddings

  • first marriages and remarrying couples

  • weddings where the bride, the groom or both are from overseas 


My Promise to you

  • I will treat you respectfully and do my best to fulfill your requests for the ceremony you are wanting. I will work with you and other wedding professionals to create a memorable ceremony. 

How am I different to other celebrants?

  • Pricing- I am aware of the cost of weddings and so my prices  are in keeping with the cost of a registry office wedding. This keeps prices down but still gives you the flexibility of choice about venues and types of ceremonies.
  •  While I am mature in age, I have a youthful and up-to-date outlook on life. I use all the technology that will help to make your ceremony flow- PA system with internal battery for outdoor venues, i-pod connection for your music and an extra microphone for other readers to use.
  • Creative writing skills, that add your ideas to my suggestions, to make the words you speak memorable and meaningful
  • As a former performing arts teacher, I am experienced in choreographing performances. I have an expressive public speaking voice that brings out the meaning of the text that I am reading from. I realise the importance of supporting people throughout their own part in the ceremony.
  • Organizational skills, to make sure that your ceremony runs smoothly, your paperwork is completed and your guests are engaged.
  • A professional attitude to my work that will ensure that you can relax and enjoy your marriage ceremony, knowing that it has been designed to suit your needs.
  • Reference materials that you can borrow to help in your planning.

Celebrant Qualifications and Professional Associations

signing at Werribee