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The celebration we prepare together will be special to you.  It may be traditional and quite formal, or more casual and informal; it may be large or small; you may have clear ideas worked out, or you may want some help to decide - whatever your needs I will work with you to make your wedding personal.

What types of wedding ceremonies do I perform?


I am available to perform your special ceremony. I tailor it to match your needs and preferences. I can include family members if you wish and acknowledge anyone special who is unable to attend. I aim to work closely with other professionals such as photographers, videographers and wedding planners.


Some special rituals you may like include:

Sand Ceremony

This type of ceremony is becoming popular, particularly with couples who are marrying beside the beach. The bride uses one colour of sand and the groom uses another. It is symbolic of the joining of two individual lives into one shared life. This ceremony may also be used to join a blended family together, as the couple and each of the children pour their own sand into the large container showing they now have become one family. This container can be sealed and kept as a reminder of your special day.

Candle ceremony

This ceremony is a beautiful way for each couple's family to show the blending of the families into one. A large candle, the Unity candle, with the names of the couple on it is displayed in the centre of two smaller candles with the two family names on them. These two family candles are ignited by the mothers of the bride and groom and presented to the couple to light the center, or Unity, candle.
This candle burns throughout the ceremony.


Wine Ceremony

This quite modern ceremony is popular for winery weddings. Two bottles of wine represent the couple. They are poured into a carafe so they are blended. Then the couple drink from a glass poured from the central carafe. Often the rest of the carafe is used by the guests for the toasts at the reception.


Hand fasting

This is an ancient ceremony which involves the couple's hands being joined by the tying of a ribbon around them. This is symbolic of the joining of the two individuals becoming a couple or of 'tying the knot'. The ribbon is removed with the knot intact and this is kept by the couple as a sign of their union.


Dove Release

Doves are a symbol of Peace, Love , Fidelity and New Beginnings. At the end of the ceremony the couple release two doves, who fly off together as a pair. This needs to be arranged well ahead as the doves require a handler who may be already booked.

Rose ceremony

Traditionally the red rose is a symbol of love. In this ceremony the couple exchange red roses after taking their vows.


Celebrations of all types

Other ceremonies that I perform are

name giving- Instead of the traditional baptism, a child is welcomed into the family or group. They may have a godparent or guardian as a part of the ceremony. Lots of children's involvement is always fun at these events.


Commitment Ceremonies

These may be for a couple who have married overseas and want to have a ceremony involving people at home; or these may be a same sex couple who wish to publicly declare their commitment. While these ceremonies have no legal aspect to them, they are important as a declaration before others of a couple's promises to each other for their futures together.


Vow renewals

Renewing their wedding vows, for many couples, is an opportunity to re-state their commitment and love for each other in front of family members and friends, both those who attended the original wedding, and those who have they come to know since then.



A sad but beautiful memory of those who have died. Personal moments for those who are left to remember and both celebrate and mourn their relative or friend.



A birthday, a retirement, an engagement, in fact any occassion of celebration can be made more special with a personally crafted ceremony honouring the past and promising a bright future.

In all cases I will craft a ceremony that reflects the wishes and personalities of the couple involved.


candle ceremony
wine ceremony