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The celebration we prepare together will be special to you.  It may be traditional and quite formal, or more casual and informal; it may be large or small; you may have clear ideas worked out, or you may want some help to decide - whatever your needs I will work with you to make your wedding personal.

How many meetings do we need?

The first meeting.

At the first meeting I get to know you both and we will discuss some of your ideas for the ceremony. At this meeting we will begin the legal paperwork by filling out the Notice of Indended Marriage. This needs to be done at least one month and no longer than eighteen months before the actual ceremony.
If possible you should bring you identity documents- Birth certificates, Divorce or Death certificates, and Passport if you are an overseas citizen. If you haven't got a copy of these as yet, you will need to start the paperwork to obtain them, as I will need to see them before I can perform your ceremony.
At the end of the first meeting I will give you some sample ceremonies to help you get started on planning your own ceremony.

The Second Meeting

This is when we get into the 'nitty gritty' of planning. You may arrive with a much clearer idea of what you want. You may have asked someone to do a reading, you may have written down some things you want said, you may have even written most of your ceremony or you may want to discuss your options further.
This is the time to make some headway with the ceremony.
I will take all your ideas, your suggestions and your research, and craft these into a ceremony. This ceremony will be e-mailed to you for your approval. Modify it, change it completely, leave it as it is, then email it back to me.

The Rehearsal

We need to get together again just before the day of the ceremony so you can sign a legal declaration. This is usually the time to have your rehearsal.
Not all the wedding party has to attend, but if they are available it is nice if they can be there. We decide how we will stand, which way we will face, where the bride will come from and run through the ceremony.
This helps with any nerves on the day and ensures that we all know what is going to happen.
The Ceremony
This is it!
Botanic Gardens, Geelong
celebrant in garden

What services do you offer?

My fee includes
  •  All meetings
  • All paperwork completed and lodged with authorities
  • Your ceremony planned to your specifications
  • Download of music that you request as part of your ceremony 
  • Perfomance of the actual ceremony
  • Use of PA with interenal battery , i-pod and spare microphone
  • Use of signing table and chair
  • Change of name kit
  • Display copy of ceremony and beautifully printed marriage certificate
  • Any travelling within an hour of Geelong region

Please contact me with any special requests for ceremonies and for a quote for your wedding.

Making our vows
Wedding at Werribee Zoo
Saying our vows

What are my legal requirements?

You will need to show
  • birth certificates
  • if you have been previously married you will need to show how your last marriage ceased- divorce or death certificate.
  • if you are an overseas citizen, you will need your passport
  • if you have changed your name from what it was on your birth certificate, I will need to see documentation for that.
We will fill in the Notice of Intended Marriage. A copy of this can be downloaded from the website .
If you are below the age of consent, or need to shorten the time before you are married, you will need a court order for the marriage to take place.
Just before the ceremony you need to fill in  a legal declaration that declares that there is no legal impediment to your marrige.
Making our vows
We are overseas and won't be in Australia until just before the wedding. What should we do?
You can download the Notice of Intended Marriage (see above) and fill in all the information on the front. Then an Australian Diplomatic Officer, an Australian Consular Officer or a notary public can witness your signature.
You then send it to me so I receive it at least one month before the marriage takes place. When you arrive in Australia don't forget to bring all your documents so I can verify them. I must do this before the ceremony can take place.
As to writing the ceremony, the wonders of modern technology, especially email, are wonderful tools.
I can send all you need via email, and guide you through the preparation of your ideal ceremony. I am also available if you want to ring me, just let me know what time to expect your call and I will make myself available to you.
signing at Werribee

Where can we get married?

There are many beautiful venues around this area. Some of the wineries and old mansions have lovely gardens around them, with the added bonus of having an indoor area if the weather turns nasty. These can also host your reception.
If you want to get married in the Botanic Gardens or any other public place in the area, you can contact  the city of Greater Geelong to find out if it is available and any costs involved.
Be aware that if you are planning to be married outdoors, it is important to have a back-up plan for bad weather. Often your reception venue will have some area that you can use. It is wise to ask them about this as you book.
If you are planning a beach wedding, remember that there is no natural shade or shelter.  Wind, sun or rain can ruin your beautiful gown, photos, and guests' tempers.  You may wish to erect a canopy or find a more sheltered area near a beach, then, weather permitting, go down to have photos taken on the actual sand.
If you are planning on a beach wedding. find out tide times and maybe erect a shade for the bride and groom.
There is also the option if having the ceremony in a private house or property. This is especially good for smaller weddings, or if you are on a tight budget. You can hire equipment or gather tables, chairs, crockery etc, from your friends and family. There are many types of caterers who can do spit roasts, finger food buffets or sit down meals.